1. Superstar


Hallelujah how you doin
Wuss crackalackin’ y’all
Now that I got your attention
It's time for you to hear my song
Thanks for showing’ up folks
Good to know that your glowing
Let me introduce myself, just in case you was wondering’
I’m a superstar from way out in the blue.
A free spirit with no ceiling and walls to subdue
With a limited time only front & center head line

Now there is gravity attaching me to this terraferma
and a one timey space suit, i wear when Im performing
And from what I’m been gathering
the world is my stage
So I’m pushing wind and lights
as im fill-in’ up the pages of my book of life
on planet rock i been steadily creatin’
Ever since the Big drop
from the wormhole to this dimension & time
beyond the outer limits Where there’ s no such thing as time
hangin’ Out with Osiris vega and quark
I'm a superstar.

When I hit the earth's surface they gave me a name and number
And a language to speak and a game to play
With an expiration date on my ticker.
Don’t know When or what the time but it's in the big picture
in between the airy Skies and the rugged below & ocean divides and metropole.
there's an obstacle course set for me to do the distance
off the grid or Hooked up to the matrix
through the maze with the map I was given’
Follow the yellow brick road.

with my head in the clouds and my feet keep it steppin’ with a built in compass for the desired direction.
bobbin’ & weaving threw this life that I’m living’
It's been a lot of getting up from falling and tripping
Now I’m a soul survivor in the game of life
Where theres night & day,
then day & night So I ran and I walked then I danced and I sang
Then came the waves of pleasure
and surges of pain
the tricks along the way meant to detour me
as I meet familiar spirits on this earthly journey

the lovers that applause, the haters that boo
So I use my 3rd eye a little more than the 2
So I can see what's in front of me as well as straight through.
as I tried keep it stealth simple and plane
but that's a hard thing to do in the superstar lane.
When I faded to the back, they pushed me up front
I tried to dodge the ball but they made me slam dunk.
They threw me in the ring cause they knew I wouldn’t punk.
with air to breath and food to eat and water to drink
and a purpose with a passion and a brain to think

imperfect human condition got me constantly correcting.
But there’s is joy in repetition as I’m striving for perfection
Angels & devils tumble in and out of my mind.
Causin’ contradiction and confusion most of the time.
at the end of the line at the stop sign
at the crossroads with the disconnected line
I call up Jah Jah in the telephone booth
With my deep dark secrets and my personal truth
Where the ashes or a casket are the only proof
As I astro project back through the wormhole
to my birthplace at the Hubble starmaker

floatin’ freestyle with the one creator
Worth more than silver or precious gold
far out of reach in the dark and the cold
I'm a superstar.