From the recording Side Trip To Jupiter

Release date: August 23, 2019
Label: Ropeadope Records
Produced by: Jim Greer & Kris Jensen
Mixed by: Jim Greer
Mastered By: Jonathan Kirchner
Design by: Kris Jensen
All songs written by: Jim Greer, Kris Jensen, Angelo Moore
Drums: Claude Coleman Jr.
Synthesizers, Keyboard: Jim Greer
Guitars: Kris Jense, James DePrato
Vocals: Angelo Moore
Saxophone: Angelo Moore
Theremin: Angelo Moore


MmMmmMmmMmmnn………Put it together, pack it up lets go
fall to the bottom of the hill for a clash of random notes
and the warped cheetah print, catches wind of my nose
up in the ice peaked mountains there’s a Hoochie in the snow
she’s a tough girl on a tilt-a-whirl though but I can’t tell if she bluffing
with a potty mouth that’s constantly cursing’
with a short restricted breath, before each redundant phrase.
as we fall through the rabbit hole and lost in the maze
she’s got a war in her head that interrupts periodically
with a blast of ADHD that’s all a part of the artistry
while boastfully bragging about’ her greek graduate status
and a ghetto fabulous streak of lightning’ is part of the habit
on a gangster bitch ride bi-polar & hyde
on a cruise through the Hood, hot flashes un-announced.
she’s a black panther tigress but I digress and defer
Let's take a side trip to Jupiter.
The landscape so rugged and varicose veined
Scattered clouds and upside down mountains sang’
What are we doing here?
When does the journey stop
we should be elsewhere.
the sudden left, and a flashy blurry flare
let's make a side trip to Jupiter
Hold up swoll up and your swallow your pride
so quick to start an argument or engage in a fight.
Tyron in the battle zone in her brain
changing ganglands from piru then back to crip again.
Suddenly you’ll be the enemy with a slight twist of her perception.
a tortured militant soul in need of a prayer.
they’d be rollin’ over in their graves if they knew What you’ve done to your hair.
8 years quarantined from any king to your queen.
consumed by the monster of mis-communication
didn’t know your play uncle was your Dad till you Where a legalette
I’m a sweet 21 she says to me in an hiphop dialect
a misandrist tolerance for men except for tonight
knocking cobwebs of the clambake in that magic hour of the night
bending my ear with such a low frequency mist
about her suicidal sibling seed that tried to cut her wrists.
but her mom didn’t want her to know about all this
machismo tales of pregnancy and murder
let's take a side trip to Jupiter
Where the landscape is rugged and the sky is on fire
with a splash of cloudy star makers
in the fast lane bowling alley by with the slow motion glaciers
With an arc that stretches across the cosmic glide.
to the other side
with a sudden left, a flashy, blurry, flare
let's make a side trip to Jupiter
Whoop Whoop a reflection in the sky
and the 6 headed cream colored hurricane of Scylla
of the brown round spinning mouth of charybdis.
back to back against the tide.
Hoochie in the snow.
making angels in the powder
Kirkwood is upside down sleeping through the whole show
The sword of damocles that swings dreadfully near into the
Jup Jupiter ionosphere
backed up and blocked in from a blizzard made of silver
shocking blocking sun rays strikes me bewildered
gravity slippers and Jup-walking robots
but only in a dreams she’s got
and dreaming don’t stop
of afros and dreadlocks
and bob cuts and beehives
Hoochie in the snow whoop whoop
that grows in spring, jumps up and sprouts wings.
reality can sometime be cruel and mean
unyielding conditioning can be a restricting thing
in a society Where you can’t be successfully you
only the brave have a reason to rebel with all the clues
so make a departure and make a reroute
make a hard left at the moon then head straight on out
it's a straight shot past the mars the 4th rock,
to the 5th stone from the sun and remove all doubt
don't look back now and cancel the trip
it's just a hop, jump and a skip to Jupiter