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Jeff Symonds

With Fishbone, frontman Angelo Moore established himself as one of the most dynamic, manic performers of the last twenty years: the wild, gleeful captain of one of music's most anarchic ships.  His new solo album, Sacrifice, sees Moore still more than able to lead the party with his natural gifts for funk and melody, but also contemplative, experimenting with slower tempos and more sparse instrumentation.  Collaborating with a host of genre-hopping Bay Area musicians and producers, Sacrifice feels more like a snapshot of where Moore might be headed than an homage to his past; tellingly, the backing band is named The Brand New Step, also the name of the lead single, a breezy, catchy song that harkens back in its chorus to Fishbone's social consciousness.  The band updates the funk with more modern production aesthetics on "It's Alright" and "Stand Up", but it's the slower songs, such as the lead track "Endless Possibilities" and the brooding title track that break interesting new ground.  Moore's voice seems ageless, and the band provides supportive, unique arrangements for each track.  Finally, at nine songs and 30 minutes, Sacrifice makes its point and doesn't overstay its welcome like so many modern releases. Imagine if the Clash had asked Moore to sing at the Sandinista! sessions, and then asked Danger Mouse to mix it-- Sacrifice swims in similar, engaging waters.

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