Angelo Moore - Vocals, Theremin, Horns
Fishbone, Dr. Mad Vibe
Jim Greer - Keyboards, Bass, Producer
Rondo Brothers, Handsome Boy Modeling
School, Head Automatica, Butterscotch
Kris Jensen - Guitar, Producer
Hey! Brontosaurus

Claude Coleman – Drums
Ween, Amandla, Mike Dillon
JJ Jungle – Bass
The Coup
Bridney Reese – Vocals
Boots – Vocals
The Coup
Casual – Vocals
Tim Carter - Drums, Melodica
Kasabian, Deltron 3030, Dan The Automator
Stanton Moore – Drums
Galactic, Dragon Smoke
Robert Mercurio – Bass
Galactic, Dragon Smoke
James DePrato - Guitar, Bass
Chuck Prophet
Mike Bordin – Drums
Faith No More, Ozzy
Ralph Carney – Horns
Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, Les Claypool….
Buttersctoch- Vocals, Beatbox
Rick McKay - Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Producer
Pat Kelly – Vocals
Splatt, Hoi Polloi, Hey! Brontosaurus
Brandon Arnovick - Beats, Producer
Lovage, Rondo Brothers, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Head Automatica
Olga Kapustina - Vocals, Keyboard
SYZYGY – Beatboxer
Ryan Noble – Bass
Soft White Sixties
Cat Glover – Vocals
Andy O'BrianPercussion

Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step

Over the past few decades, Angelo Moore has been pioneering new frontiers of music that are all of it’s own.

Rising to fame with the legendary Los Angeles based band Fishbone, Angelo has always been ahead of his time helping define the sound that would be influential in much of today’s popular music.

While still being an active member of Fishbone, Angelo is now stepping out in a new direction, redefining himself yet again, collaborating with Bay Area musicians and producers Jim Greer and Kris Jensen. Together, as the Brand New Step, they seek to push the boundaries of music even further, crossing genres such as Soul, Dance, and live electronic beats to fuse together a project that is influenced by the musical maturity of many of the best genres without sounding like anything that has come before it.

Through dynamic vocals, horns, theremin, beat boxing, effects and seamless electronic beats, Brand New Step gives Angelo a platform to explore the entire musical map with his signature personality and insightful lyrics. As a true performer playing on stages around and world, he connects with the audience to bring the Brand New Step live shows to a frantic level of energy along with Jim Greer on keyboards and beats and Kris Jensen on guitar. The band collaborates with many notable musicians to expand their live performance up to 7 members.